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Heat Guide

Heat is subjective. One person’s tingle on the tongue is another one’s fire breathing experience. To help you visualize the level of heat, we are providing an easy-to-read scale to show you the level of heat solely according to the number of Scoville. 

We also added these symbols in the corner of each product picture.

Green (< 10.000 Scoville)

  • Jalapeño (Mammoth, Jalapa, Brown)

  • Chilhuacle Negro


Yellow (< 100.000 Scoville)

  • Jalapeño (Lemon Spice, Numex Piñata)

  • Buena Mulata

  • Lemon Drop

  • Aji Amarillo


Orange (< 1.000.000 Scoville)

  • Habanero

  • Trinidad Scorpion Yellow


Red (> 1.000.000 Scoville)

  • 7 Pod (most of them)

  • Bhut Jolokia

  • Jigsaw Chocolate

From Finland With Spice !

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