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Our Story

Let us tell you a story about a finnish man, a german woman and a dream about turning a hobby into a business. There once was this finnish man, Sampo is his name, who always liked adding a little pep / spice to his food. He was eager to find different ways to do that, but wasn't really able to get the right products to fulfil his wish or taste. So back when he was in university of applied sciences, he decided to no longer wait for the right product for him to pop up in the stores but instead started to learn more about chili and how to grow them. He started to learn about the different species and how they work, what they need, what they don't need and what they are capable of. One interest let to another and before long, a greenhouse was built in his grandmothers backyard. He planted chili and basilica. Nurtured, harvested and ultimately turned them into Jam. While he was getting a hang of it and experimented with the different tastes, he silently started dreaming about having his own business growing and work with chili at some point in the future.


Sampo finished university of applied sciences and started working in the food industry. His interest in growing the chili and turning them into the spicy Jam didn't falter. He told his girlfriend, a german woman by the name of Kerstin, about his hobby and shared his knowledge with her. The interest of homegrown chili was quickly picked up by her too. She acquired a taste for chili and an appreciation for growing food in their own backyard. Having worked in the administrative field back in Germany, her role in the business quickly established to be the one behind the scenes. His dream of starting a business now grew into a plan, which they pursued from that moment on.


We call ourselves lucky to be able to turn a hobby into our profession and are very much looking forward, to take you on our journey with us. Calicos Spicy Business Oy is going to start with 3 different chili Jams, so you can choose according to your tolerance of heat. We also sell the chili on their own, so you can enjoy using them in any dish you like. Feel free to contact with any question you have for us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

- Sampo & Kerstin

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