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Homegrown & Homemade
Chili Products

From Our Farm to Your Doorstep

From Finland With Spice

We live in rural Finland, and we grow almost all ingredients on our own. We germinate the plants (Chili, Tomatoes, Bellpeppers) and grow them indoors until they are ready to go to the greenhouse. They get all the nurturing and care they need and when it is time to harvest them we prepare the products which are sold in our store online. The products here at Calicos Spicy Business are handmade with different sorts of homegrown chili, depending on the level of spiciness, paprika, garlic, tomato, basilica, salt, different types of vinegar, sugar and one in addition with lime, citrus and pineapple mash. They add a fruity, fresh, and hot flavour to all sorts of dishes or snacks like BBQ, Pasta, Nachos, Pizza, etc.


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